Gel Nails

Gel polish lasts longer than regular polish if looked after correctly. Gel produces a great glossy finish, which is easy, and quick to apply, giving a natural look.

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3D Brows

3 dimensional brows are a semi permanent procedure to help shape your eyebrows. You may wish to grow your eyebrows for a total re shape? A few appointments will be necessary to achieve your desired look. This treatment involves threading, waxing, trimming, shaping and tinting of the brow.
I also use HD Brow products. You could say its a HD brow treatment without the price tag 😉

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Eyelash Lift & Tint

If your looking for a lash lift and tint that means natural lashes, no damage and can last 4-6 weeks then look no further!
Lashes can be left natural or more dramatic by using mascara.
Perfect for your holiday get away without the trouble of applying mascara daily
*patch test will be required at least 48 hours before

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Gel Polish Pedicure

Basic pedicures are available with or without gel polish. Icludes file and cuticle work.